Happy New Year 2018

18. December 2017

With 2.5 billion millennial consumers worldwide and $30 trillion to spend, the demand for ethically sound products will continue to increase. These more conscious consumers view their buying habits as a social contract much more than just a commercial transaction. They expect more than just a product for their money. They expect a company to be good. Good to them. Good to society. Good for the world they live in.

We at BRAIND® where very happy that in 2017 we could again deliver meaningful brand concepts to clients and support more sustainable brands. This year we were able to reach out to new markets such as alternative fuel systems and botanic fibres, both appreciating the Ingredient Brand Model as their commercial go-to-market-strategy. Adding Canada, the UK and Austria, we have now been serving clients in 11 different countries. On January 1st. 2018 we will open a new representative office in Munich, Germany in the vibrant Glockenbachviertel 


Brands with a purpose will continue to outperform the stock markets (120% already in 2016 based on Interbrands Report “Best Global brands”) and developing more purpose into brands will be critical in order to establish or grow future brand equity. The Ingredient Brand Model is ideally suited for Material Companies and Service Providers to provide transparency and accountability into finished products. The brands who successfully reach that Nr. 1 position in their relevant category, will be best prepared for a prosperous future. 


I would personally like to wish you a peaceful festive season and a happy & successful year 2018.

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