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We create purpose-driven Brand Strategies, Frameworks and Identities enabling our clients to successfully integrate branded technology or services into the ecosystem of their customers.

Well-orchestrated brand activation through a content-driven communication strategy can increase the strength of the Ingredient Brand to create the necessary pull-effect. BRAIND develops Brand Activation strategies and communication concepts. Together with our BRAIND partner agencies we can also provide full-service implementation. 

We welcome brands in any phase of their lifecycle.


BRAIND Creation

BRAIND will guide you through the entire process of setting-up and establishing an Ingredient Brand. We will analyze the market in which you are acting, your competition, customers and distribution channels. We will evaluate your chances of doing this successfully and we will give you our objective assessment. We provide you with all the necessary brand tools and recommend the internal and external processes required to be ready to win. 

BRAIND Activation

We create meaningful and purpose-driven Brand Activation strategies and concepts, which help you to establish your Ingredient Brand by generating interest and desire in the downstream stages of your value chain. Together with our BRAIND partner agencies we can implement Content Marketing platforms to stimulate the pull-function for your Ingredient Brand.

BRAIND Regeneration

BRAIND  will help you to improve, enhance or regenerate your Ingredient Brand and make it future fit with our Next Generation Ingredient Branding approach. Based on your existing Brand Equity we develop strategic options to offer new promises, attitudes, products or services in order to regenerate or enhance the value proposition of your brand. 

BRAIND Transformation

Your company sales and/or profits are flat or shrinking and you are losing market share. The downstream value chain does not value established Brand Equity anymore. Former market partners are acting against your business interests. Together with your team, BRAIND  will evaluate how to transform your Brand Equity into new business models (e.g. forward-integration), product offerings or brand extensions. This opens possibilities for new revenue streams and can generate future growth potential. 

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