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In the digitized world, companies will be increasingly less capable of developing and marketing all the required key technologies themselves. They will be forced to look for external innovation in order to open-up new markets and to increase agility and resilience.


One way of integrating outside innovation is by exploiting a cooperation model such as Co-Branding using a strong Ingredient Brand and that is exactly what our company is specialized in.

BRAIND's definition of Ingredient Branding:PARS PRO TOTO*The ingredient is becoming the trigger for the buying decision in favor of the final product. 

The ingredient can be a material, a component, a production process, a specification or anything that is relevant for the buying decision of the end user.

*a part taken as a whole


BRAIND's Ingredient Branding Model

Creating a pull-effect through meaningful, purpose-driven Brand Programs. Start acting as an Ingredient Brand. Constantly manage the push/pull activities of the demand chain and extract more value from your innovation.

Ingredient Manufacturer

BRAIND's brand network model

Ingredient Branding is much more than just putting a tag or label on a finished product.
​​​​​​​It is a Brand & Business Model by which a company actively manages its total brand experience through multiple layers of direct and indirect customers and communications. The ability to manage a cybernetic brand network is crucial, as brands are perceived in the entirety of their appearance. 

BRAIND brand network model Kopie

The total brand experience is created by the sum of all the individual experiences that end users have with a brand. Directly and through the Brand Partner Network.

Attitude, communications, product & service performance together with multichannel distribution of the Ingredient Brand and all brand partners are coining the total brand experience.

Companies have to overcome internal resistance and the not invented here mindset to become part of non-exclusive, collaborative brand networks driving innovation towards the end user.

Brands are perceived in the entirety of their appearance in collective brand ecosystems.

In times of digitalization and shorter innovation cycles, more companies will need to integrate external technologies. Rationalization is forcing companies to focus on their core competence while the individualization of demand is leading to a need for more differentiation of the product offering.

Ingredient Branding is a highly complex business model and brand concept. It has multiple dimensions that need to be managed simultaneously, both internally and externally. It has to be synchronized throughout the downstream value chain in the right manner and with the correct timing in order to ensure a coherent brand experience.


Next Generation Ingredient Branding

93% of consumers consider Ingredient Brands that represent a business standard, a sustainable or ethical production, a certification or a secure transaction as more important for them in the future. We therefore predict a shift from performance driven first generation Ingredient Brands towards purpose driven next generation Ingredient Brands.


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