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Brand partnership

BRAIND® execution for OnceMore® from Södra:

  • Ingredient Branding Workshop

  • CEO Onboarding Session

  • Construction of the OnceMore® Brand Framework

  • Development of the OnceMore® Open Textile Recycling System

  • Ingredient Brand Strategy

  • Monthly Brand Guidance Workshops

  • Marketing Agency Briefing

  • Storytelling & Copywriting Brand Video

"BRAIND was instrumental for us to fully understand and embrace the Ingredient Brand model with all the opportunities, but also the consequences that come with it. In a very strategic and holistic approach we developed together a truly differentiating value proposition and brand positioning.”

— Angeline Elfström, Business Development Manager OnceMore®

“There are many sustainable products coming to the market every day. Carving out a systemic solution to position OnceMore® from Södra as a game-changer in the market was our ambition and together we achieved it.”

— Tomas Vucurevic, BRAIND®

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