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Brand partnership

BRAIND®  execution for GORE-TEX®

  • Proof of concept GORE-TEX® Brand Expansion

  • GORE-TEX® new Brand Architecture model

  • GORE-TEX® revised Brand Framework

  • Gore Corporate Social Responsibility Presentation

"BRAIND's unique expertise and deep understanding of the GORE-TEX® brand was instrumental to deliver the proof of concept. The new Brand Framework & Architecture enabled our Brand & Marketing Team to deliver a fantastic realization of the GORE-TEX® brand expansion." 

— Christian Langer, Divisional Sales & Marketing Leader, FABRICS Division, W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

"Expanding a well-positioned brand beyond its proprietary positioning is a process that needs to be thoroughly evaluated and well thought through. Unleashing the power of the GORE-TEX® brand to access new consumers, deliver new products and to broaden the brand promise was a milestone project for BRAIND®."


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